Friday, June 24, 2016

Tin Cans, Affairs Of A Jackass, Snake In Grass, Worms To Turns. Coins Flipped.

Thumbs up, good cheers, hearts to heal, baby step, sheep and goats, pictures to share. Tales in a tree, dogwood tree, full of goats, not sheep, not the monkeys to dodge, tales to spin. Talks to the goats, lovers and haters, rats to races, turns to take, happy or sad. Faces in the mirror, faces under the skin, 12 to count, down stop at two, lots more animals under the skins. Goats and sheep, snakes and frogs, freaks and frights, dates on the beach. A treacherous person, as in Ben secretly applied for the same job as his best friend; no one knew he was such a snake in the grass .This metaphor for treachery, alluding to a poisonous snake concealed in tall grass, was used in 37 b.c. by the Roman poet Virgil ( latet anguis in herba ). It was first recorded in English in 1696 as the title of a book by Charles Leslie.

What's your favorite black-and-white film that just wouldn't be the same in color?From Here to Eternity, Steven Jarrot, Dream Dates:7608512267: Freaks,...

John S. Knight Journalism Fellowships at Stanford | JSK Journalism ...

Wiz and knights, dances on the yellow bricks, dances for luck, dances ...

Snakes, fake friends to date.....wars and battles, march madness return ...

Citizen Kane would be very different. It pioneered so many camera techniques, among many things, and already seems strange contemporary now that they are commonplace; like it seems odd that such a focus is placed on them. Adding color would make it seem even more strange.

Tin Cans, Affairs Of A Jackass, Snake In Grass, Worms To Turns......When We Were Knights on Vimeo....John S. Knight Journalism 

Fellowships at Stanford | JSK Journalism ...Wiz and knights, dances on the yellow 

bricks, dances for luck, dances ...Snakes, fake friends to date.....wars and battles,

 march madness return ...What's your favorite black-and-white film that just wouldn't be the same in color?

How can you express everything that you want to somebody you love, knowing that if you don't, 
that might be ...
Flip a land shark...Steven Jarrot, nuts to run, freaks and frogs, snakes in the grass, herds of jackasses, tin can affairs, RV campers for life. Rachel Jarrot, the sucker for the lovers to change every night. Not a cheater, not a blue knight, not a lover to keep. Knights and kings, songs to sing, candy men, suckers to so many, tricks and trades, back in time, lines to count, dicks and dogs, bitches and dyles,. Posse notes, history of blue and black knights, writer to some. Books and blogs, tips and tales, stories to write, happiness to create, goat and sheep, kids to play.

and devotion of a father for a trick. Golden Cow, with bald pussy for daddy's delight. Gifts to share on the darkness in the herds of cattle, land whales, and fake friends. Love and devotion, love and hate, horns on a goat, gifts to share for the love of a true American Man, not time for the fake men, like snakes and mules, bison or cattle out on open ranges....Taylor Swift - Bad Blood ft. Kendrick Lamar

The Internet Classics Archive | The Knights by Aristophanes

Lets see, so many to choose from, I like the Wizard Of Oz, the first time in 1948, or not, have to check the facts another time. Liked the monkeys in the movie, the ones with wings, monkey year this year 2016, lots of monkey people with wings. Born under the sign of monkey, rat for me in the chinesse views, fish for the other one, lots of ways to read that. 

Signs in the air, signs in the movies, ways to read the numbers, ways to read the stars, ways to read the animales inside of us. Views and history to note, snakes, frogs and fish, ways to live, rats to races every day. Live and learn, life is a beach, life is a lot of lessons over time, history to note in the black and white movies. How we grew, how we started, have Charlie Chapman in the begining the first four movies made. Liked them also, have have words, have do not, movie I have in black and white. More to make. 

Rachel Jarrot, queer or steer, bison only? - Ortaoyuncular...Friday yet? questions in the air, hurry up and ***, lovers and haters, goats in a tree, jokes and laughs, lesson to learn, how to make a goat fly. Tips and tales, goats to fly, jokes in pictures, 1000 of stores to stories, tales to write. Sad and blue, party to pay, drug dealer, prey on veterans. This is after the third party views about level of love, as seen by the hairdresser with the kid that was hairless. 

Out of Pond: In the end it is about what you survive and how it will make you stronger in the long run. Hope is the reason for the drive for more, and bigger and greater, and that is a personal statement, so it has a different meaning for everyone. That is just my belief. The last four years were hell on earth, and 2013 was the worst year to date, and I thank God within the father, me and myself daily for the light at the end of the tunnel, and my hopes and dreams that are actions and plans and steps to get there.


  1. This is after the third party views about level of love, as seen by the hairdresser with the kid that was hairless, Sheri and Rachel Jarrot, the pair in question now, stories about the nosy, super-sized white whales that rule with the short hairs and balls of Steven Jarrot, in her purse. One for Sheri and one for Rachel, and they rule with balls in hand the love and good times of ex-husband, and golden calf of the tribe to tell him how to feel. Notices by blogs, tweets and Google plus, written in third party views were attacked, and that was the beginning of the end of the dark days with this clan.

    Jesus and Jesuit, Monkeys Swinger To Hang, Gang Bangs, Snakes In Grass, Enough Charms.Swingers in the winds, monkeys in the trees, songs on the winds, pages of lovers, songs to sing. Good times, ways to live, joys and pains, dances in the rains, hats and horns, to sound. Hacker to delete, hacker to change inside data to connect, lots of luck with that, the frog to the fairy, tales to be written, more than once, all the time, ways to grow, ways to flip the, cows, cattle-calls, lets-make out, Dicks Out Box...Enough for the Charmed.Make Out/Dicks Out of Box Please.

  2. Updates to review, growth and changes, faces in the mirror, by the hour.....Donkeys in the hills, monkeys on top, dogwood trees, rebirths, and birthday months. By the faces under the skins, donkeys and monkeys, jackasses to frogs, snakes in grass. Back in the day, lovers and hates, hats to wear, jackasses in the valleys, good times, bumps in the road.

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