Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Let's talk about the frogs, lets talk about the snakes, lets talk about families full of love and devotion, creating more and better , a work in progress. Thanks for the good times, thanks for something to do once in a life time, stories to share, and the love and devotion of a twisted, bend and large extended family. All the joys and all the pains of living in a large family. Time to share the stories, time to share the love and happiness done in the past.

Stories to tell, because you can only be in one place at a time, life is short, and each day is a gift that we share is what I like to believe, happy and filled with peace for the friends that did not last.Thanks to god for the little miracles, thanks to god for the answers to the questions on truth and honesty, thanks and praises to the gods of war, March for sure, for the birds and bees I give thanks. Happy for the strangers to friends, happy and gay for a new day, happy and delighted with the gifts of chance today.

Searching for fish in the sea, here is Randy-Green frog-Blue Ranger, my favorite Jewish Blue boy, in a mental state of songs and dances around the work, enjoy and let him know, how he turned on your lights, with the doors and windows open for the sun to shine in. Happy and gay, songs to sing, and the moves in the middle of the night. Songs to sing and dance to for the holiday seasons in 2015.

Gifts of mothers to watch your back, lyons cheaters, big fat cats, games for food, wild bears and the gifts of numbers. Flipping cards, flipping coins for the better dazes on the right side of the grave. Stories to tell, stories to write, veteran stories, government mistakes to write about still. Happy and delighted for the chances taken, for the good times, for the bumps in the road, still standing, still writing tales and tips to share often.

Water to float your dreams, water flowing free from the rocks under the waves, mothers to stand watch for the long runs. Lyons done for the day, still need to eat, cycles to turn round and round again. Fruits and nuts to eat instead of the bear and the bitch on board. Good times with the bears in the woods, big cats not the dames to take a bear and cub in the woods. Fight another day, find another prey to hurt for food for the day.

Happy and gay for a life time, pleasures and joys to share, tasteful delights with the pleasures of fun, food and families. Good times to share always a pleasure, living life on the edge, in a RV is the dream life for the freaks out at night. Shady people, freaks, frogs and fools, bread and butter for the donkeys, jackasses, wolves, snakes, and rats running the rat race. Natural beast of prey, natural animals that travel in packs, cages for the fruits and nuts, RV campers on the side lines of life. Happy for the joy and happiness shared in another lifetime, it was fun and it was real, but it was not real fun to live in hell on wheels, RV camping for 2 or 3 months, or was it more. It was a nightmare, it was hell on earth, it was hell in a coffin with a fat, gay, Jewish white dream boat, a whale of a man, and problems with truthful and honesty, the games that people play.

ON THE RUN, WHAT?!Land whales out to flip land sharks, to trick or trade, to eat while out for dazes. Friends that have snakes under the skin, crooks and robber, Jewish rites, frogs in glasses, mud views not clear to a sinner or a saint. Way to move on, ways to stand tall, ways to grow, ways to fly away, fairies and pixies, angels on earth, turns to walk away. Lessons learned in schools of hard knocks, life on the beach, life in the sun, glory dazes done. Circles of lovers, circles of haters, luck and love will play, tips of haters to share. Games to blame others always in play, fingers in the hand, talks with the hands, American birds, sit and spin, dazes gone by. Back in time, back in the day, summer in the or spring, Tales of other dazes, other times in a space of darkness, in the dark for a season or two. Dead and dying, rats to races, good times, tales of frogs and snakes in the grass.

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