Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Reach for the milk way.....Dazes Blue: Donkeys in Hills....Rachel Jarrot: Sima And Steven Jarrot.

Snakes in Grass: Dicks and Dawgs: Fags Out Of Box: Laughs Online....Cats And Dogs, Battles And Wars, Cartoon Hits, Dances In Movies, Hits And Misses.

October 4, 2015: Rainy Hells: Dream Drops: Wishes and dreams, movies to make, fun in the gray days, in the rain, have learned to dance. Dreams and dances, rain drops on the beach, rain drops on land to see. Happy for the rain, happy for the sun, happy on the right side of the graves. Classes on the beach, classes in the rain, classes for the sun and the rubs, rain drops on my head, fairy tales, girls with red hoods. Good girl time alone, in the middle of the night. Left Turns: Three lefts to make things rite, three lefts makes a square. Happy notes, happy Monday, happy feet to dance the nights away. Best times of life in a blue state yet to come, the times of our lives. Good times, history created, not news, times to sing songs, the fish that got away, dances in the dark. Cars to steal, cars to Rick, cars for robbers and crooks. Crook to rob you blind, cash or credit, paper green cash, snake on sticks, to bake and burn. Charles R. Jarrot, 7607778998, certified to rob on prey, cheater and crooks on sands of times, hard knocks schools on beach.Trips to hell in a hand basket, den of snakes, crooks  and robbers. Oral talents to barter on craigslist-Upland or Ventura, monkeys on backs of land whales. Monday blues, snakes alive under hats, freaks on the beach to prey on frogs and fish out of the seas. Dances in the rain, dances online tips and tales, from the fish that got away. Blue birds, dogwood butterflies, earth angels to teach, to share lessons learned. Alerts send to save time, space, and life on cross. Tricks and trades to suck out free will, trips detours to dodge. Happy  notes, nightmares to share, crooks and robbers to side step. Mountains of  crimes, love and hate, horns on same goat. Dazes of hate, dates of frogs and snakes to blame others for crimes committed. Movie rights in hand, movie connections desired, for golden-cattle-sire-licks.html, dates on the beach. Schools  of hard knocks to attend. UCLA, Santa Monica College, for buffalo girls, forever butch, buff and blue. Layers of lies, layers of faces in mirror, dream life of golden cows. Rache Jarrot  or Rachel Wigsout, not Rachel Walker, dreams to direct. Dazes Blue: Donkeys in Hills....Rachel Jarrot

Rachel Jarrot

Singing songs, horse and pony shows, day jobs, nuts to go, blue and blow jobs, dicks to serve, dicks in line, dicks to suck all the time. Cheap tricks, cheap monkeys, freaks and frogs, grammy news, sweethearts. Joys and pains, tricks to trade, coins to flip, cards on the table, poker players. 7603601613, more freaks out at night?tips now ▼  2014 (8)►  November (2)►  October (2)▼  September (2)Lyon Sacks: Jewish Style..Lyon Sacks: Fire and Ice: Hell Rings►  August (2).Lovers and haters, blue lights on, dances on the sands of time, trips to the heavens. Trips to the stars, stars blue to shine, trips to the moon and back. Songs to play on the radio, good times, bumps in the roads, trips to the stars, trips to the sunny dazes. 

Reach for the milk way..Rachel Jarrot.....Lost in music today 🎵🎶🎵🎶🎵....Keep smiling and stay positive.....Ita been a long old day...started early....its bedtime.Light and love, love and hate, goats and sheep, kids to play, glory holes open wide, suck a rock, suck a dick, suck a chick, faces in the circles of time, lights to shine, stars in the sky, wishes every night. 

Ships to sail, dreams and hopes on the boat, waves to make, rocks to dodge.Good times, lessons to learn all the time, events of news, events of history to note. Fags, hags, dykes, and butches, songs to sing, live a long time, tips and tales, donkeys and sluts to ride for free....Media World, Rites Of Cows, Trades Of Dogs..

Role models, dates high places, lots of charms to display, lots of love for clothers, lot of love for hair, chicks and babes, walks of fame. Ladies with class, ladies of the nights, ladies with dates with knights, good times to look good. Lots of hats and hair, lots of wigs and caps, lots of horns and goats, lots of love to flip. Dates and dances, dances in drama, love and hate, girls to women, role models to follow. Angels in the air, ages of dates, love and hate, coins to flip, views and noses in the air.

Rach Jay, Rachel and Steven Jarrot 7608512267: JEALOUS LOW LIFE NIGGERS. LET…Nigger notes by text today, from Steven and Sheri Jarrot, faces of snakes and frogs, party and play, party and prey with veterans, horns of a goat, horns to sound, horns of the angels here on earth, tales of asses, in the frogs and snkaes, worms.....Rach Jay, Rachel and Steven Jarrot 7608512267: JEALOUS LOW LIFE NIGGERS. LET EVERY LOW LIFE FUCK THEM LIKE THE SLUTS THAT THEY ARE

Wolf leader, leader of packs of jackasses, hackers, crooks and robbers. Third party views, my sisters, other mothers, tips and tales. Joys and pain, dances with wolfs, trips to hell, hell hounds loose. Army of frogs, frogs in groups, Army of frogs. Dances with wolves, dances with snakes, dances with Steven and Rachel Jarrot, rats to run. Rats races to beaches, goats and rats, games to pay, games to cum, suckers and dicks in lines, cash or plastic, to tricks, day jobs, pitchers hits, catchers in family, Sima and Sheri Jarrot, lovers and haters, nuts to go. Dicks to services, dicks to shine, tops and catchers games, goats and sheep, dates on the sands of time. Night to follow day, dances on the sands of time, born to follow, not all the time, teachers and students, hats to wear. Songs to play, songs to dance the nights away, good times to share. Songs to sing, hearts broken, hearts cracked, faces to turn, snakes and worms, gifts to share, tales in the air, glory days done. changes in the winds. Rach Jay FART FACE BUTT CRACK, MY MOTHER AND FATHER: Sherri and Steven Jarrot, I am just like them. Apples to the basket cases, retards also.Abby Collins-Rachel Jay, or Rachel Jarrot: youre the fartface. Faces in the mirror, terms of endearment, with friends or foes, family of snakes, crooks and frogs, plenty to dodge. Cows and cattle, rude: Rach Jay youre the crackhole.. rude for a big, fat, land whale, dyke to date, tricks to turn, pussies for fun, balls in the air, balls and dicks in line, movies with sluts, movies to see, family hits, so many to share, tips and tales, history to share, classes on lover and haters, coins to flip.

Every Breath You Take, tips to share, stories of lovers, tales of haters, horns to sound, monkeys to swingers, birds in trees. Gifts of tips, guns and roses note, songs to play, dances in the streets, joys and pains, bumps in the road, coins to flip. 

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