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Monkeys Riding Sharks,Tin Man Tales.Spinning Tales Told. Fools and frogs are not wizards.

Whales Dances in Seas: Good times, jokes and laughs, cartoon hits, dates.

 Updates Done, Joys And Pain, Birthday Notes: Plenty of fish in the seas, lots of

frogs to date, plenty of snakes in the water.  stave to death. On May 5, 2013 he made statement that death would be welcome for him during a fire that almost killed both of them (Steven and LLissa), in a RV that caught on fire in Redlands, California in August of 2012. It was a possibilities that occurred early morning, and they were no longer able to live in that RV. So Steven sold the RV two times, and was okay with not answering phone calls for the return of $1100 from Nelson and his family, and Carlos and his wife ended up with the RV, and he was delighted to cheat them out of the money that he was given. 

Carlos had to spent Thousands to get the RV back on the road, so that he could leave the state and go to green pastures in Texas.Labels and names to watch, notes of lives lived in the dark. Fruit and nuts to grow, nuts on the run, nuts to trees, branches of piece, pieces of Phyllis, doves and robins in the air, names of flowers, names of birds, names of frogs.

Watch Alpha Male displayes His disgust of inferior fags. Steven Jarrot, 7608512267-dicks to suck, dicks with cash in hand, gang bang slave, cum sucker to date. Party and play, joys and pains, with a role players, slut for the movies, slut for free, snakes and frogs shows, pimps and drills of dicks, good times, lovers and haters, time to stops and spin. American birds, fingers to a hand, fingers in the air, sit and spin, glory holes open. Time in hell, time on the cross, dream life for the land whales. Dicks in line, movies to make, five minutes of fame. Cheap thrills, cheap dates, cheap tricks, goals of 3000 more dicks to taste. Hidden Lives of Cows | Cows Used for Food: love lines, radio shows, rats to races. Gay Boat Ride .Constants, Fucked For Life, Crooks....Charcoal Group: Charles R. Jarrot. Beaches, Dream Lives: Wishes And Hopes.Veterans Tales, Hard Knocks, Fish And Frog Tips.

The RV did not make it, and Steven Jay Jarrot, was delighted that they could not take time to write about the disappointment of getting a lemon from him. He wanted to prove himself to his in laws, Carlos did and needed a place for his family while working in the oil fields that was open to him. It was terrible that Steven thought this was acceptable behavior. It was not. And it has never been the right thing to do for a honest, decent, or trustworthy thing to have done. But Steven is a thief that can justified anything and everything that he does. He has been lucky so far that he has not crossed the lines and come to the attention of the police and other law enforcers officers that were ready to go to bat, to correct these actions. Why would they?

Steven stole LLissa Desilva, car and told police numerals times, it was a gift from the disable veteran, which is and was not the case. So he told story to AAA on May 9, 2013, just before he had her removed from the account, to add Daniel George of 121 Palm #407, in Ventura, California so that he could receive stolen car by AAA, and Rachel Jarrot got her driving license thought AAA for $900, that LLissa paid for without her consent. So now Rachel Jarrot is 18, and the receiver of stolen cash for lessons, and a membership in AAA, and she is so delighted that LLissa is out of her father’s life. The actions of Steven Jay Jarrot, Rachel Jarrot, Sheri Jarrot, Charles Jarrot, and let’s not forget Sima Jarrot, who likes to select who she will speck English to, are in bed together with robbing from the disable and weak, LLissa Desilva. LLissa paid with cash and almost her life to live with this army of frogs. It was okay, LLissa was not Jewish, and Steven Jay Jarrot, was not able to inject the Jewish element, because he could not get a hard one ever.He was never a man, in the real sense of the word, he is just a male with out a stick for fun or business of selling asses to highest bidder for meth, pot or cash. Player poker on Facebook is how Steven Jay Jarrot spends his days in Ventura, California at Daniel George house at 121 or maybe 151 Palm #407 daily now. Can not leave home because of crimes committed and discussed in this post. Housing Authority owns the building that he lives in, and where Steven Jay Jarrot is hiding out from the Police of Palm Springs for crimes committed.

Steven Jay Jarrot used LLissa to get men so that he could have sex the way he wanted it. He liked men more than women, and he was hurt because his girth was to much for the men that like the muscles not the fat that Steven shape and size was and still is. He started out at a 38 inch waist, and now he is at 44 inches around the middle, and believe me it is not a pretty site to see him laying down. He looks like a whale stuck on the beach. Is there a market for this over sized man? He likes sex with men, he has no use for female sex,  that is the lie that he lives if he goes out with women. Fake sex by using mouth and  an oral specialist of Craigslist late nights looking for men to put a hard one in his mouth or backside. Sex  with women are fake and they are used to find bisexual men to play with Steven , and no tool for the exchange unless you bring another man for the sex with women is how he enjoys pounds of men with hard stiff tools to suck on.

Day of the Dead:Snake or ? »

July 2016. Monkeys Riding Sharks,Tin Man Tales.

Spinning Tales Told. Fools and frogs are not wizards. 

Nice day to sail away, pieces of a dream, rides to the end of the rainbow, take a ride today, with me? Pennies Dances: Ready for a trip on the ocean, searching still for the white knight to sail away, for a dream life on the seven seas. Pennies Dances: Dreams In Motions, Love, Luck, Lots Of Tests Over Time. Good Times. Monkeys Riding Sharks,Tin Man Tales.Spinning Tales Told. Fools and frogs are not wizards. 

Hats and horns to blow, love and hate, for a father, not a saint, tales of who was on top. Games of balls to toss in the air, games and cards on the tables, jacks and balls in the dirt, games of boys, games to play. Jokes and laughs, back in the day, back in time, back as a kid. Pages to turn, stories to write, no more time on spiders and snakes. Boys to men, games with cards, games with who can go all the way. Ways and means, , bumps in the roads, paths taken on the yellow, brick roads.

Wizards Only: Fools Tales, Donkeys And Sluts, Free RidesFree Lunch, Lots Of Tricks ..

Tin Man TalesFools and frogs are not wizards, every day of the week, only in their dreams. .... 

Hell And High Waters,Monkeys Riding Sharks, Spinning Tales Told. .... Should have left the snakes alone, lessons learned, always a snake,

 good or bad, ...Monkeys Riding Sharks,Tin Man Tales.Spinning Tales Told. Fools and frogs are not wizards. 

I know it's just a drawing, but a monkey riding a shark is a special kind of awesome.:

Whales Dances in Seas: Mad Man Undead: Tin Man Tales

End Of Dazes, Sunsets For Fish, Men, Frogs, Rats racing, daily events, stars to shine bright. Tales and fish in seas, frogs and men in water, hook and lines out for food. Fish, frogs, snakes in water, hands out to put in fires, food to eat another day. Notes of peace and love by the seas, tips and tales, sticks and stones, all the time, lands of cows, lands of frogs, lands of sinners and saints, hands and fingers out to lead the way, glory dazes again. Sunsets and fish to catch, joys and pleasures to do, food for table, that's one of the reasons to fish. Great way to spend a few hours.

Creative Writing: Causes ...
 Hell And High WatersMonkeys Riding Sharks, Spinning Tales Told. ... Mad Man Undead: Creative Writing: Causes For The Season: Not a Free Ride. ... Horse and Pony Shows,Clowns have left, poker playerd to the right.

Lights on to the open windows and lights on to the open doors, to strangers to friends, to give you a hand up, and give you a hand to reach the riches on the road. Greatness to share for the acts of niceness shared. Sail on the sea, sail on the ocean, sail on to the better dazes on the right side of the grave.Sail on the sea, sail on the ocean: Fish And Frogs, Waves On Water, Boats To Float. 

how do u catch the monkey riding the shark!!!!help plz ... › ... › Sony PSP Games › Action › Ape Escape: On the Loose

 Oceana WOrld: coral cave..............but how do u catch that 1 monkey riding that sharkive tryed shooting him with rockets but it doesnt work ...

I know it's just a drawing, but a monkey riding a shark is a special kind ...

Monkeys RidingMonkey Riding, Extraordinary Shark Riding, League, Shark Riding ... The League of Shark Riding Monkeys by Brandon Labbé, via Behance.

Are Monkeys Riding Dogs a Copyrighted Activity? - YouTube

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