Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Blue Oceans, Blue Oceans Created.Blue Dreams, Blue Knights.

Veteran Housing Matters: Blue Oceans Created.Blue Oceans, Blue Dreams, Blue Knights...FROGS AND GOATS: HATE AND LOVE: HORNS OF DEVILS. Lovers And Haters, Bonnie Tyler Wolves Hidden:100 Proof, Hits And Misses, Dead Heads, Pages In Books. HORNS TO BLOW: HORNS ON GOATS: NOT SHEEP.Pink Floyd: The Division Bell (Full Album)+Lovers And Haters, Bonnie Tyler Wolves Hidden:100 Proof, Hits And Misses, Dead Heads, Pages In Books.To the dead, to the chins, rats to run, hope or cry, dances in the seasons in the sun. Pieces hope, purple Coors, rats to races. Hope hands out to hep and happiness, joys and pains, on the sunny dazes, hopes or butteries to come.

Ships at night, ships sailing seven seas, over the rainbows, joys and pains, songs to sing. Ships passing on seas of dreams, boats and ships, rocking on oceans. Stars bright tonight, dreams and prayers, up in the air, angels out to guide the way, good times. Many plans, goals, hopes, prayers in motion daily, adventures to share with a giant, green, white or blue giants. Jacks or Jill to go up the hills together, watch out for the rocks under the grass, to fall and get back up. Friends, fairies, families, and foes at the crossroads, chances and choosing the paths to take.

Birds and jacks and bad stones to ind, hope and hands out. Sons o the rats racers, chins and moats, castes and steers, cattle herds, ate the hoes in house. Hoes and pine cones, dances on time, dances on space, turns to take, sometimes, apes to turn, good times, sons to knights. Hats and horns, oats and sheep, good or the pets. Houses o dos, and hos, piste whips, chicken shit, men or mice, hard to say. Enough For The Charmed, Dicks Out Of Box,Haters And Lovers. Lovers And Haters, Bonnie Tyler Wolves Hidden:100 Proof, Hits And Misses, Dead.
Photo published for Funniest Then Vs Now Truths Of Life!
The RV did not make it, and Steven Jay Jarrot, was delighted that they could not take time to write about the disappointment of getting a lemon from him. He wanted to prove himself to his in laws, Carlos did and needed a place for his family while working in the oil fields that was open to him. It was terrible that Steven thought this was acceptable behavior. It was not. And it has never been the right thing to do for a honest, decent, or trustworthy thing to have done. But Steven is a thief that can justified anything and everything that he does. He has been lucky so far that he has not crossed the lines and come to the attention of the police and other law enforcers officers that were ready to go to bat, to correct these actions. Why would they?Music makers, dead and gone, music left to play over time. Hot hits, big songs, singers dead and gone, castles to stay in now. Gods, Angels, saints and sinners, dead and alive, time to turn around.Snakes in the Grass, Twist And Turns, Dicks And Dogs, Glory Holes Open.

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