Friday, February 5, 2016

Purple Hairs, Butterflies Out, Flowers Open, Dogwood Trees

New births, butterflies out to play, flowers in the dogwood 
trees, songs to sing, birds in the great blue skies, out for a day of sunshine. Trees and flowers open, for the new lives of the dogwood trees, with the birds and 
the bees, in the trees, songs to makes, in the blue lights, joys and pains,live in a tree. Dances in the rain, dances in the sunlight, birds and butterflies out with
 purple and blue colors, hope and peace, the lights to watch, the fairies, and the pixies, out with the earth angels another day. 

Paths in the woods, good and bad, wolves and snakes, frogs in the dark, in the shade of the trees, in the darkness, out for a minute or two. Circles of love, circles of lights, circles of the horns to blow, nuts and fruits out, monkeys in the trees, five swingers out for the freaks to date. Sunlight to camp, in the woods, with the fires of hopes, purple and blue flames. 

The wheels have been turning, and the boat must sail on, the weight was not lifted, so there is nothing left. What a nightmare my life was for a moment in time, force to fight out of a coffin with a fat, gay, guy, whale on land is how I saw it all the time, sleep for a period while in hell with hell hounds, gifts from the center of the earth, with oral skills to trade for brains, trains and plane rides instead, tickets to fly traded instead. Happy and delighted to get on the bus, and dodge the rocks under the sands of time. Sad story of a fool, Steven Jarrot,7608512267: oral expert to date for a trip to hell, with a hell hound. The man has been eaten alive with lack of control, and he has taught his offspring the same lessons that he learned. 

Sing Songs, Winners And Losers, Dances In The Rain, Wet And Alive, Waves On Water. Purple Hairs, Butterflies Out, Flowers Open, 
Dogwood Trees

Dates With Sex Freaks, Sheri, Sima and Rachel Jarrot 

...Princess Frog: Rachel Jarrot - Jewish Army 2005

Peace and Love by the sea: Frogs Farts....

Blue Oceans, Dances on the waters, fuck freaks to date, changes to note.Seas Of Changes,Tricks and trades, dances on the water, dances on the sands,dances for love, dances for luck, dances for the tests over time. Services Sold:

American Toads, Seven Snakes, Steven and Rachel Jarrot Lyon to ...
Sima Jarrot: Freaks out at night, RV campers t barter for cum in the night. Tasteful delights for decades, love and hate horns on one goat. Trips to hell in hand bags. Cool Dates, baby steps out of the darkness. Snakes to bake and burn, skins off with wigs for goldie. Polls and pools of heat, hot springs, hell hounds fall again.

Princess Frog: Rachel Jarrot - Jewish Army 2016,....Nutshell: Steven Jarrot: 7608512267: Life Lessons with ...Bob Marley Tuff Gong Studio Rehearsal 1980 Full session. Frogs and snakes, goats and sheep, two faces in the mirror, faces of animals, under the skin, views and noses, you have one, so do I. Games to play, lovers and haters, goats and sheep, fairy tales, fair show, horse and pony act.

Frogs, cows and buffalo are the nature of the tribe of animals that we can all relate to, and if not have a few more things to share about the state. Frogs are a dime a dozen and you can get more on Sundays, and it is part of our world as well, just look at the military. Yes, the military has a branch of service named after frogs also.

History notes, veterans lost and homeless, out in the streets, with dogs, and on the corners, looking for help, not to die, 22 dead veterans every day. Homes and houses needed, stuck in yesterday, the bumps in the roads, the snakes and the frog, my sisters nightmares, out to play, out to sound the horns. Joys and pains, snakes and dogs, bitches in heat, Sheri and Rach Jay,  with Sima and Steven Jarrot, with the cheap tricks, Rachel and Charley Jarrot, tricks for a dollar a day, cash or credit to take.

Birds and butterflies, in the trees, with the bugs to eat, flowers open for the treats. Dazes stoned, dazes broken, and alone, dances with snakes, dances in the rain, so much sorrow, so much pain, bumps in the roads, tricks with cum suckers, Steven and Charles R. Jarrot, big fat whales, crooks and robbers, snakes in the grass. In the woods, in the dark, in the shadows, with the frogs and shades of colors, on the snakes within, toys and nuts, blow jobs  to go, day jobs, cum suckers, for credit or cash. Tips and tales, snakes and worms, liars, and cheaters, dream lives on the edges of lives lost, veterans, male and female, prey for them. 

Image result for butterflies

The story has not changed in the manner of address, and the name calling is something else to excuse with a lane line. It is not acceptable for the long run. The stories have been told, and more to cum of the freaks that party and play life away, good times on the beach with a whale or two. Steven Jarrot,7603601613- and his lovers Sheri, Rachel, Rocky, Reese, Penny, Sarah, and Paul to share the licks and the sucks of the oral expert. 

Dates on the beach in Ventura, or Oxnard 7608512267, half an oz for a kitty to lick today's tasteful delights for the freaks. Gifts to share often the joys and pains of the bumps in the road, and a life of hardships, with the bend truths and honesty of a tribe of jackasses with rose color glasses to wear. Happy and dazes over with this pack of butches, bitches, and whales on land. Your turn?

It is still a matter of class, and the classes were able to come together for a period, and change was needed to do the long run. The choices have been made, and the story is a do over again, and that is all. The first two times around were done for the wrong reasons, and the charm was good enough for those two.  That was the lesson taught by the father, and the past is due for another cycle. So the period of darkness will go on. Now there is a need to leave on the next train out. My plans and goals have worked, and the season will end this year. 

The next person or group will show up for the next part, of the journey to the land of milk and honey. The promise land is still off in the distance, but there is still tomorrow, and the best is yet to come. Just need to make a new plan, and get on the bus out of dodge. No trips to fake land across the border for the lack of hair issue.

What a line, it is so sad that life was not the treat that it should have been, and the parents are the reason for the shallowness that were created to the point of a lack of hair, is the only thing to talk about. The other thing that bothers me is that the minor with a month left, told her sire that the truth is not desired or wanted on her Grandmother’s demise. 

It was enough to cut her sire out of the picture completely for this reason, ( so the hair is not going to grow yet, too much hate and control on line here), if a reason was needed that is the one that will kill everything with the next charmer that comes to get daddy. So it was another sad day when Christmas 2012 came around the best of the best of the tribe of Jewish Army, a living example died. Is there any other way to mark the day of death for any person? 

The 2nd generation was at the point of tears for three lines on Face book to note the passing of this great woman. I never knew her, so will have to take the word of a person with a one page book of life to address all matters of importance...March -May 2013.:'s Make Out/***** Out of Box Please. Steven Jay Jarrot : Owner/Consultant; ANYWAY TRANSPORTATION.760 851 .....Beyonce, Jay-Z Looking to Buy Neverland Ranch, Reports ...

CROOKS AND ROBBERS. Rach Jay, Rachel Gaylin Jarrot ..'Stump the Rach' Jay : Mohr - Rachael Jay Show....Cows, Cattle, Cattle Callers, Horns To Blow, Love Large....Fairy Tales:Snakes and Vipers, Prince Frogs Tips -

Baby Elephants, In The light of Day, Some thing else to look at. My favorite form of cows, next to hippos, love the killer whales also. Cows In The Morning, Cows with Tusks, Sunny Days under the sky, joys and pains in the woods, around the world. Cows to you, 11 more to name, not just cattle. Nice facts to know, cows on land, and cows in the water. Whales and buffalo, hippo also, more to go, cows to roam, time and time again, good times. Blue Lights, Blue Stars, Blue Hairs to you, wonderful site to see, hairs to you, Blue Starrs. One Blue Starr, My sister-wife, fairy friends. Stars ... more »


  1. One Blue Starr, My sister-wife, fairy friends. Stars ... more »
    Cows, Cattle, Cattle Callers, Horns To Blow, Love Large.....Tips to Share, Rats Racing Rites, Daily Rules...Birds to sing songs in the air, angels to sing from the heavens, black and white nites, stars to shine again. Rach Jay, Sarah Jetson, Mandy Strong, friends from high school: turkey without hair Rachel Jarrot, butch forever, call to date. Steven jarrot, 7608512267 to pimp, cathers with behinds open wide, pitchers in line. Gang bands rules, cum sucker on the beach. Tales: California beaches, sunny in the fun, American Toad, Jewish Rites. Time of our lives, good times, classes on the sands of time. Wolves for friends, into the woods, in to the dark, songs to sing.

  2. Cow was born, Rachel Jarrot, back in 1995, true star then, at age 12 the lights start to dim. 18 was the year the lights went out. Back in the air, nose with lots of brown spots. Frogs and fish, dates have change, freak and snake under the skin, out of the skin at age 18 for Rachel Jarrot. History to note, loss of hair at age 16, lots of issues about hares in the house, dogs and bitches, lights still off. Have not come back on...Rachel Jarrot - YouTube. Movies in birthday suits, frogs and snakes, watch now.

    Hairs to heads, hairs to girlfriends, hairs to Rachel Jarrot ...butches with dicks. Rachel Jarrot - Vine, jokes and laughs, White Cows To Run, Blacks Hoods.Rachel Jarrot, thief like sire? |Or course, just like him, Steven Jarrot fat as a hog, land whale to date, dicks in line, day jobs, nuts.

    Tales to share, lovers and haters, songs to sing, radio hits, porn stars, skins cows to dates, joys and laughs.

    Who is Rachel Jarrot? - Princess Frog: Rachel Jarrot? | In the Woods, Girls with red hood, wolves to eat, family members, cancers kills, purple hairs better than, wigs in the hills, donkeys and jackasses to wear. Interview with: Rachel Jarrot |Cows and frogs, pigs and cows do fly. Trips to hell and back, hell hound with a dick.