Saturday, January 9, 2016

2016 Monkey Year, Swingers, Snakes and Frogs

CROOKS AND ROBBERS. Rach Jay, Rachel Gaylin Jarrot ...Facebook Raider: Dick Butch: Santago Smith, Reese Smith, URITA Smith, dead to shit in bag, party and play butches to date, nice tip thanks.  Cans air caps. short,  Steven, Sima,  Charles , Rach Jay: Jarrot,  cows and cattle also. Butches, Sheri and Rachel Jarrot, tricks to date, 7608512267: good times on beach, more fish to fry. LIFE as a fairy tale. Jewish  White actors, big names, new yorker dry Genes. More messages hidden.  Cum for dazes, party and play, 2 decades, good looks to self. Hair falling fast, Rachel lost her hair at age 16, $6000 hairs. Bags of shit.  Standards are needed in order to pretense falling 

Horse And Pony Shows, Daily Events, Blows Frogs:Dates With Sex Freaks, Sheri, Sima and Rachel Jarrot....Butches, Bitches, Snakes, Buffalo Girls, riding hard, local dogs in heat, good times, want to date, hackers, liars, and land whales, tricks to trade, Steven, Sima,,Sheri and Rachel Jarrot, cheap tricks on call, day jobs, to steal from veterans, cash rich cows.  Girls to Date, Failures, Hackers, Snakes, Cows to buffalo girls. Lessons on looks, lessons on views, history to create. Bumps in the woods, trips to hell, spiders and snakes. Hung on the cross with jesus christ , saints  alive, sheep and goats. Hate and love, horns to blow, goats and sheep, horns of love and hate.

Dances in the dark, dances with different family members first. Daddy, Steven Jarrot, 7608512267, host or travel, party and play, good times. RV campers, bring your own water, to wipe your ass, after sex, oral experts, day jobs. Blow jobs to go. Lots of fun, tasteful deli lights, cum suckers in line.

 Pitchers to mount, gang bang rules, every night, dicks waiting in line. Sex Freaks, Rach Jay and Rachel Jarrot, Reese Smith. Bumps in the woods, trips to hell, spiders and snakes. Hung on the cross with Jesus Christ , saints  alive, sheep and goats. Hate and love, horns to blow, goats and sheep, horns of love and hate.

Graves to you and graves to me, born to daily to die, busy living or busy dying is the rights of each of us to decide. Choose your mountains to climb at your own pace, happy and delighted for another day on earth on the right side of the grave. Happy and gay lifestyle to share with the freaks, frogs and fools that change on the drop of a dime, party and play partners for life. Seasons greetings, fun with family, friends, and foes, the others with red blood under the skin, 2014 done and completed, lessons learned.

Lots of laughs, clown shows, horse and pony shows, rats running races. Steven Jarrot, stuck on stupid, can not be fixed. Steven Jarrot, has sex and gang bangs to do, cum sucker for day job. 3000 dicks serviced in a month, you do the math, party and play, RV host. Travel to city to city, gang bangs for family members, experts cum suckers, tricks to trade. Donkeys in hills, monkeys on trees, jokes online, happy dazes again.

The Seven Headed Serpent - Wikia › dexter › wiki › The_Seven_Head Snake....Body dump. Omar Rivera's body is dumped at this location, with seven baby snakes sewn into his body with the shape ..Seven snakes, can't sue her for views online, benefits not income, nudes of Rachel Jarrot, that is scaring.  That's what my cowboy had to say. He can't sue, he can take cash from  Rachel  DSilva: benifits, and he can sent pictures out, with more tales to spin.

Sima Jarrot 
Address: 1135 rexford dr apt 201 
Los angeles
,CA 90035 - See more at:

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