Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Tina and Hebs: “Mean Girls” Classes Of Bitches, Pages 2 Turn, Lessons On Snakes.

Plenty of fish in the seas, songs to sing, cartoon hits, for the kids, for the goats, for the young at heart. Hearts and songs, lovers and haters, sheep and goats, cows and frogs. 12 faces on the clocks, 12 months in a year, counting in those numbers, songs to sing. Happy dazes again, glory days done, songs to sing.

Party and play, dazes on the beach, whales on land to date, good times blowing blue dreams, for the joys and pains, of the bumps in the road, lessons to be learn, once or twice, which is needed for the simple, shallow, and the self-serving, fake friends. Gifts from the center of the earth, hell hounds.
Daily skills for the oral experts, to lick a dick, suck a pussy with a dick up your ass, kind of dream?.. trades, tricks, and smokes the dazes in a purple hazes often. Showers of drugs to spare, RV camper to date, dicks to suck is the main attractions from ads on craigslist in Ventura, Upland, Palm Springs, dream lover single for years, always alone, fake life to dance you to left side of the graves.

Wolves tales, lovers and haters, days in the winter, games in the family, bites of love. Faces of wolves, fights and battles, into the woods, into the winds. Dances with wolves, faces in the snow, fights and battle, witty stands. Days in hell, dates with wolves, freaks and snakes, tips to share, happy days again, glory days done. Party and play pimp, Steven Jarrot, 7608512267, day job, sucking dicks, shit to trade, party tonight, every day. RV camper for life. Happy times are here again for Sheila, and the lessons that needed to be learned:have been studied well. Lessons learned and time to move on and out.

Hens in a house with a fox, women with gay fat guys in a coffin stuck, dreams of the weight is going to crash me, dreams with dream lover, Steven Jay Jarrot:7608512267/ Still have nightmares about that, and the remarks about throw her out of a moving van, remarks to cut off digits, and pour acid on faces of people that are good and decent.

 Jarrot Freaks, gay and happy frogs, snake or with their heads in sand, lifestyle to share. ...Dismiss this notifications decided it was only appropriate to write about the Mean Girls 10 Rach Jay, Rachel Jarrot, Mandy Strong, Glordia and Krista Jarrot, faces in the mirror, cults to runs, rats in races. → Reese Smith, Uritza Smith, coins to flip, dances for a dollar, faces in the mirror, faces on the posts, faces to change after dark. Tricks and trade to do. private dances, cheap tricks, trades to do, dicks in a bag, lots of love to share. Tips and tales to record….American Toads, Seven Snakes, Steven and Rachel Jarrot…

Mean and nasty, girls for role models, “Mean Girls” Classes Of Bitches, Pages to turn, lessons on snakes, freaks and fakes, ways to grow, ways to expand, ships of freaks, ships of frogs, ships of drama, Cali Cow dreams, Rach Jay, Rachel and Sima Jarrot, coins to flip, Steven and Charles R. Jarrot. 7608512267, classes on the beach, Tin Can Affairs, RV campers for life, dreams life on the beach, parked for the day, Ventura, CA?
tinmantalesandtreats.blogspot.com/…/american-toads-seven-snakes-steve… Dances in the dark, dances with different family members first. Daddy,Steven Jarrot, 7608512267, host or travel, party and play, good times.Den of snakes jarrot jewish white stars 2014: Seven Snakes ……7608512267- Steven jarrotjewishwhitestars2014.blogsp..Charles R. Jarrot University of Life and HARD KNOCKS!

Stupid cannot be fixed, stupid should not breed, lost causes out of the gate.

Summary: Dense, dumb, simple, self-serving, gay and happy: $1500 donations from Father Steven Jay Jarrot: 7608512267-for credit cards secured by Phyllissa Desilva, nothing for cash taken for the purpose to fund RV Camping lifestyle, veterans cash works best on luggage for trips to Colorado for butch 2013, new car and cash for gas stolen also, always best to live on cash given for the cattle caller to be whale of a girl, with oral talents , and  in training still- Rachel and Rocky Jarrot of UCLA. 5 stars for girl on girl sex on the down low, or in your face lifestyle to dream about. Moot to share and tweet?

Rachel, Randy, Rocky, Butches, bitches, fake friends, fake hair, fake life of a rock star, white, whales, at UCLA? Party and play pals, with daddy, Steven Jarrot, 7608512267, more freaks out at night?tips now ▼Lyon Sacks: Jewish Style..Lyon Sacks: Fire and Ice: Hell Rings► 

Make the most of your dreams, summer time or winter times....happy dreams....Starr Bright tonight, for the twins Sabrina and Starr Jackson, Starr Bright, Blue Bright, Chuck and Penny Moore, Alica and Brosig Desilva, Robin Bailey of Washington DC, fun and games for the holiday season 2014. Peace on earth, and goodwill towards men, happy and gay, RV Campers on the edge of life, hope for a sunny and bright California day, dodging the rain.....

Full and happy lives that we dream about. Silver spoons alerts are not needed with looks, charms and graces. Happy and gay for a life time, pleasures and joys to share, tasteful delights with the pleasures of fun, food and families. Good times to share always a pleasure, living life on the edge, in a RV is the dream life for the freaks out at night. Shady people, freaks, frogs and fools, bread and butter for the donkeys, jackasses, wolves, snakes, and rats running the rat race.

Natural beast of prey, natural animals that travel in packs, cages for the fruits and nuts, RV campers on the side lines of life. Happy for the joy and happiness shared in another lifetime, it was fun and it was real, but it was not real fun to live in hell on wheels, RV camping for 2 or 3 months, or was it more. It was a nightmare, it was hell on earth, it was hell in a coffin with a fat, gay, Jewish white dream boat, a whale of a man, and problems with truthful and honesty, the games that people play.

Fun and games, and party and play have a define meaning to some, the freaks up all night, the suckers and the drug dealers, traders, lickers, experts on oral sanctification still the same story. With ads that state how much you want to please, suggest there is a little desperation going on, sad story to share, or keep in the dark.

 Notes to a fool in a family of frogs,whales on land to date 7608512267- Cuban transplants, gods and legends in their own minds, super-sides-freaks, super-wide Jewish Rock stars? Not in this life, more dreams to action in place, or just for sleep time in that world. Happy and gay is the lifestyle to share, cum is cum in the dark, fruits and nuts to share and always search.....Rachel,Butches, bitches, fake friends, fake hair, fake life of a rock star, white, whales,at UCLA? Party and play pals,daddy, Steven Jarrot: 7608512267.

Lyons Dick Wonders: Lyon Sacks: Jewish ▼ November (2) Butterflies, Pixies, Tales and Treats: Frogs ...Style ....steve jarrot-Leader of Pack of Wolves, Serpents and vipers, cows and buffalo, still in Paradise, in La Quinta, CA?

Disappointments in the life on hand, prefer the life on TV and at the movies, work for it, and it can be use is the way to get the things that you want. Works for me, how about you?

Words that we use tell a story about your life and times, if you respect yourself, and the same old tire stories that you tell everybody, is not needed for all the people that you cross paths with. I wanted to talk about snakes in the grass in a couple of different ways, and the actions that were created behind the choices that we are living with.
Men and women met and marry and live life together because they cannot face life without the other, and in a perfect world they are complete together. That is the ideal situation, and it is the one that most of us search for. What happens if you find your dream mate, what then is instantly know to both parties that notice on meeting that they are a match for a life time? How can you know?

 Standards are needed in order to pretense falling for everything and anything. What if you are not able to see how green the grass is at your front door because you can see greener grass out of the window, do you take grass from out of the picture out of the window, that you are looking out of? What do you do, when you know there is more, and the  you know it is a matter of changing plans?

Men and women are always searching for the other half of themselves, how they look are a matter of choice as well, and standards play a lot in these matters as well. Hearts are cute for the lover’s day in February, but they are not made to be put in trash at the end of the month, and you should not wear on your sleeves either.
Let's talk about the frogs, lets talk about the snakes, lets talk about families full of love and devotion, creating more and better , a work in progress. Thanks for the good times, thanks for something to do once in a life time, stories to share, and the love and devotion of a twisted, bend and large extended family. All the joys and all the pains of living in a large family. Time to share the stories, time to share the love and happiness done in the past.

Stories to tell, because you can only be in one place at a time, life is short, and each day is a gift that we share is what I like to believe, happy and filled with peace for the friends that did not last.

Thanks to god for the little miracles, thanks to god for the answers to the questions on truth and honesty, thanks and praises to the gods of war, March for sure, for the birds and bees I give thanks. Happy for the strangers to friends, happy and gay for a new day, happy and delighted with the gifts of chance today.

Searching for fish in the sea, here is Randy-Green frog-Blue Ranger, my favorite Jewish Blue boy, in a mental state of songs and dances around the work, enjoy and let him know, how he turned on your lights, with the doors and windows open for the sun to shine in. Happy and gay, songs to sing, and the moves in the middle of the night. Songs to sing and dance to for the holiday seasons in 2015.

Gifts of mothers to watch your back, lyons cheaters, big fat cats, games for food, wild bears and the gifts of numbers. Flipping cards, flipping coins for the better dazes on the right side of the grave. Stories to tell, stories to write, veteran stories, government mistakes to write about still. Happy and delighted for the chances taken, for the good times, for the bumps in the road, still standing, still writing tales and tips to share often.

Water to float your dreams, water flowing free from the rocks under the waves, mothers to stand watch for the long runs. Lyons done for the day, still need to eat, cycles to turn round and round again. Fruits and nuts to eat instead of the bear and the bitch on board. Good times with the bears in the woods, big cats not the dames to take a bear and cub in the woods. Fight another day, find another prey to hurt for food for the day.


  1. Good times, with the whales on land to date, 7609020855-Rachel, Randy, Rocky, Butches, bitches, fake friends, fake hair, fake life of a rock star, white, whales, at UCLA? Party and play pals, with daddy, Steven Jarrot, 7608512267, more freaks out at night?tips now ▼Lyon Sacks: Jewish Style..Lyon Sacks: Fire and Ice: Hell Rings►

  2. What a great day to be alive, waiting for the sun to come out and shine pretty and bright again. Songs to sing, happy dazes above ground, jumps for joy for another day in the presents. Gifts to share about fake friends, family, and foes, last dazes for the reviews to complete on the last day of the season of peace on earth. Judgements? Resolutions completed, prayers, wishes, full circle?

    Where are the snakes now, in the desert under the rocks, under the bottom of the barrows, in the hills of Riverside, donkeys in the hills and in the desert. Fruit and nuts to go, for the men that date Steven Jarrot, my sire, my dream life, and the best pussy licker, and the best cock sucker to sing praises always vain. Always the top cat, my dad. Same story for Charles R. Jarrot: 7607778998, the girly man, traped in the wrong sex, cash for changes spent.... has been a practice to suck and let the dicks leave, standard of life for a gay guy.

  3. Goodwill and joy and happiness of the times passed is what we talk about, happy dazes that live in our heads. Beaches, ocean boardwalks, sleepy towns alone the shore, blue skies, seas and the Oceanside pictures flash in you head also. Dazes done.

  4. Tarzan Girl. Our Eyes!Layers Of Views, Noses, Rites, Fairy Tales Recaps, Coins To Flip.
    Massai Cheis: Tarzan Girl. Our Eyes!Layers Of Views, Noses, Rites, Fairy Tales Recaps, Coins To Flip. Battles And Wars Won, Pages To Books, The Forgotten Warriors, Veterans With Skills, Tips And Tales Spins.Stories of sisters of color, men and leaders, tips and tales to share. Cows To call, horse and pony shows, dances with wolves, under the cherry moons. Games to play, coins to play, nuts and retards on the run. Lessons to learn, live and learn, pages to books, songs in the winds.Tarzan Girl. Our Eyes!Layers Of Views, Noses, Rites, Fairy Tales Recaps, Coins To Flip.

  5. Time to take a walk, ships to sail, veterans with guns, dates to set, fun and games, wars and battles of wits. Charms and graces, hands to lend a hand, houses and homes, ways to go. Veteran Housing matters, houses to build, homes on the beaches. Thanks for the time served. Lots of love, lots of love, goats and sheep, guns to wars, good and bad, boats to sail, dates on the sands of time. Steven Jarrot,seven snakes alive, tales and history online, 7608512267, seven lies to file. More you say, back in time, snake in the grass, dates on the beaches. Party and play, dates with dicks, veterans to services, free rides on the face of a frog. The Chainsmokers - Closer (Lyric) ft. Halsey.